Why Ash Cave is our pick for the most child friendly trail in Hocking Hills State Park

The most child friendly trail in Hocking Hills State Park

If you are planning a trail to Hocking Hills State Park with children, you may be wondering what is the most child friendly trail in Hocking Hills State Park. The good news is that there are options for kids. Ash Cave tops our list of trails when it comes to exploring with children.

Ash Cave
View of Ash cave from paved trail access

While many trails in the area contain steep stairs and dangerous cliffs, Ash Cave is wheelchair accessible by a paved trail that leads into a breathtaking horseshoe shaped cave with waterfall. When entering, follow the trail to the left. There is an alternate trailĀ  to the right hand side for those who are seeking more of a challenge.

Ash Cave
Looking up from within Ash Cave.

At around 1/2 mile, the paved trail is just long enough to get some exercise, while avoiding the groans of your tired squad. Once at the cave, young ones will enjoy hearing their echoes project from the cave and playing in the sandy floor. If there has been enough precipitation, there is a small waterfall that gently falls over the rim of the cave and into a small pool below.

Ash Cave pathway
The paved trail at Ash Cave makes this an ideal attraction families.

In addition to the ease of access and spectacular views, we also like Ash Cave due to the large picnic area that is located directly across the road. The close proximity to the picnic area makes this a great stop before or after a lunch break. There are plenty of shaded picnic tables perfect for taking a few minutes to rest and refuel.

Ash Cave Location

Ash Cave is located at OH-56, Logan, OH 43138. It is easily found from the road. There is limited parking directly at the trailhead but a large parking lot with picnic area is located directly across the road.


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