How to get cooking with a Coleman Peak 1 stove (fuel selection, boil times and more)

Universal valve of the Coleman Peak 1

I recently picked up the Coleman Peak 1 stove on clearance at Target for $10. The price was right, and I had already been considering a more expensive MSR or Jetboil stove, so I figured I would give this one a shot.


Getting started

What do you need to get cooking with your Coleman Peak 1 stove? Well, not much. In addition to the stove, you will just need a small canister of butane/propane fuel. The unit uses a universal screw valve, so any brand should work.

Mounting the fuel canister

The stove screws directly to the canister using the universal screw valve. Once attached, the fuel canister becomes your base.

100g butane/propane Fuel canister that I purchased to test out the stove

If you are cooking food, the unit is designed to fit a 6 inch pan. If the stove is on coffee duty, a camp pot or small kettle will work nicely. I tested mine with a full size tea kettle, and while it took a while to heat, it did work eventually.

How fast does it boil?

The manufacturer claims it will boil 1 liter of water in just over 3 minutes.

How long will it burn?

You can expect up to 1 hour on high on one 220-g fuel cartridge. 

I have yet to properly test this little stove, but for the $10 I spent, I’m pretty happy with it. One of my goals is to start getting outside more in the morning. With something this little and lightweight, it should be easy enough to toss in a backpack with some coffee supplies and take with me on a bike ride or visit to the park.



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