Why you need to wax waxless cross country skis

Photo by J G D on Unsplash

The name waxless  may seem to imply that your skis are maintenance-free and do not require wax. While that is partially true, you will still need to apply wax to the tip and the tail of your skis to ensure optimal glide.

Why are they called waxless?

Waxless skis get their name from the gripping pattern found on the base of the ski. On skis without this grip section, you would need to apply grip wax to help get traction when applying weight to the ski.

What kind of wax do waxless skis need?

While waxless skis don’t need grip wax, they still need glide wax. Glide wax is applied to the smooth sections of your waxless base and will ensure a smooth glide. Glide wax will also help to prevent ice buildup on the bottom of your skis which would bring your gliding to a screeching halt.

When shopping for glide wax, any universal glide wax should work. Wax comes in a variety forms including solid bricks that can be applied with heat, spray wax, and rub-on liquid wax with an applicator built in to the bottle.


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