How to make your solo stove warmer

solo stove heat deflector

If you are desiring more heat from your Solo Stove, there are a few things that you can try as well as attachments available for purchase that can help you warm up cold nights in front of the Solo Stove.

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Solo Stove Heat deflector

Clean = airflow

First, while it may sound obvious, make sure that you keep you fire pit clean. The Solo Stove depends on good airflow to burn optimally. If your base is clogged with ash, air circulation will suffer resulting in a weaker fire. A weaker fire will result in less heat.


Next, take a look at your fuel. Quantity and quality will impact how much heat your fire gives off. For best results, use a hardwood like oak or maple, and make sure that it is dry. Additionally, make sure that you are feeding the fire with more wood when you notice it dying down or losing heat.

The truth is, even when it is burning optimally, the Solo Stove won’t give off the same amount of heat as a traditional fire pit. While it’s design works exceptionally well to reduce smoke, it also forces the majority of the heat straight up instead of to the sides where you will be sitting.

Solo Stove Deflector

If you need more heat, there is a solution offered by Solo Stove named the Deflector. The Deflector is an additional piece that sits upon your fire pit and redirects the heat out to the sides. If you desire to use your fire pit in the winter months, this could be a game changer for you.
Deflector pricing varies based on the current sale price.

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