Biolite FirePit+ – a smokeless firepit that doubles as a hibachi grill!

The Biolite FirePit+ is a unique fire pit that uses a battery operated fan to optimize airflow. The result is an efficient fire without the smoke. The fire pit’s mesh body allows for a 360° view of the fire and helps to radiate the heat.

If you would like to cook, the unit can be used as a hibachi grill with charcoal and an included cooking grate.

We see this as a portable fire pit that you could bring with you to the beach or while camping. If you are looking for a low-smoke option for your yard, we recommend the Solo Stove Bonfire.

Cost: Click here for current price
Weight: 19.8 lbs
Dimensions: 27″ x 13″ x 15.8″
Burn Time: 30hr on LOW, 14hr on MED, 7hr on HI
Fuel: Charcoal or wood

Unique Features:

  • X-Ray Mesh Body, enabling 360 views
  • Burns firewood or charcoal
  • Hyper-efficient burn with patented airflow technology


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