Do kids need a fishing license in Arkansas?

Fishing can be a great activity for kids. It teaches little ones patience and Perseverance while allowing them to hone their motor skills and coordination. But do kids need a fishing license?

At what age do you need a fishing license?

Before you hit the water, you might be wondering if your little one needs a fishing license. Regulations vary from state to state. Some states allow minors as old as 17 to fish without a license, while others require a youth license to be purchased at a discounted rate.

Do I need a license if I am assisting a minor who is fishing?

It is important to note that any adult assisting a minor may still need a license and all rules and regulations must be respected regardless of age. Some species such as trout and salmon may require an additional license or stamp. Some states may have special regulations when possessing more than one pole.

Kid’s Fishing regulations in Arkansas

No license is required under the age of 16.


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