Five must-have items for your Solo Stove Pi

solo stove pi

If you just ordered a Solo Stove Pi, you may be wondering what you will need to get cooking. I found it easy to set up and start cooking right out of the box, but there are a few supplies and tools that you will need to get good results.

Heat safe work surface

Since you are dealing with heat, you’re going to want to be safe. A heat-proof surface will ensure that you avoid any unwanted damage or fire. This can be as simple as a brick paver base, or a concrete surface, but a waist level table or stand will save your back and keep things safe.


pi stand

Pi Stand Solo Stove

IR Thermometer

The Pi requires high temperatures for best results. You’re definitely going to want to make sure that you have reached the ideal temperature range, and the only way to do that accurately is with an IR Thermometer. Without the proper heat level, your pizza results will not meet your expectations.



Depending on whether or not you chose to purchase the gas attachment, you will either need wood or propane to fuel your Pi.

Pizza Peel

Without a Pizza Peel, loading a pizza into an oven can be very difficult. Believe me, I tried. While waiting for my peel to arrive, I attempted to get by with a spatula and a cookie shovel. It worked to an extent, but not without a few pizza disasters. With a proper pizza peel, it’s been a piece of cake to slide the pizza in and to retrieve it once cooked.



Pizza turner

A pizza turner will allow you to easily rotate your pizza to evenly finish off you pie. I personally have been using a metal spatula which seems to get the job done ok, although a pizza turner would make things easier.



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