New Solo Stove pi oven uses your firepit to bake pizza

solo stove pi fire

When I first purchased my solo Stove pi, the first question everyone asked, was “does it go on top of the solo stove”? While mine doesn’t, the new pi oven does.


The pi oven sits on top of your solo stove firepit with legs like their heat deflector in a raised position that allows you to enjoy the fire while in use. The pi oven uses heat from your fire to heat the stone and an inverted demi-dome roof creates ambient heat to bake the pizza.

Solo Stove says that it should take 30-45 minutes to heat the stove and then around 10 minutes to bake a pizza once it has reached the optimal temperature. This is longer than the cook time of the original pi oven, but I envision this to be more of an experience around the fire than a way to quickly prepare dinner.

The pi oven comes in three sizes to fit the Ranger, Bonfire, and Yukon firepits.

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