How to make a Solo Stove shine again

solo stove bonfire

If you have used your Solo Stove for an extended period of time, it may start to show some “patina” and smoke discoloration. While some may welcome the patina as a badge of honor, you may prefer to restore the original shine.

Solo Stove’s Recommendation:

Solo Stove recommends using Bar Keepers Friend to polish the surface.

Starting with a cool surface, shake some Bar Keepers friend to a wet sponge with a scrubbing element and apply it in a circular motion with the grain of the metal. With some elbow grease, you will soon start to remove the soot and discoloration and the metal will begin to shine through.

Does the patina affect performance or longevity

No, the Patina is a normal result of using your solo stove. It only affects the appearance.

Should you polish your solo stove?

It’s up to you! It’s completely personal preference; which side are you on? Polished or Patina?




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