Add a working faucet to your backyard mud kitchen! Easy DIY

Mud Kitchen faucet


I recently built a mud kitchen for my son and one of the must have items was a working faucet. After ruling out some more expensive options, I landed on an affordable and simple solution, a hand pump intended for RV campers.

Caravan Sink Water Hand Pump:


The installation

To  install the hand pump, I simply drilled a hole to match the base of the pump (32 mm/1.26 inches) and then used the included locknut to secure it into place.

From there, I connected a piece of tubing to the end of the pump and ran it down into an old water jug with a hole drilled into the cap. The modified cap helps to keep the tubing in place and prevents spills.

For the sink, I used cheap dog dishes from Dollar Tree. While they don’t drain, the kids don’t mind and it’s easy enough to dump them once play time is over.

mud kitchen faucet

Not the DIY type? Check out this pre-made Mud Kitchen:



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