Solo Stove vs. Aldi Belavi Stainless Steel Fire pit – 2023

belavi fire pit

Last year, we compared the Belavi smokeless fire pit to the Solo Stove Bonfire.  Now for 2023, Aldi has brough the Belavi fire pit back with a new loko, but for the same $199 Price tag. New for 2023, you will notice that the Belavi now comes in a black power-coated finish.

Solo Stove vs. Aldi Belavi fire pit

So should you head to your nearest Aldi to purchase the Belavi Stainless steel fire pit? Well, details are limited at this point, so it’s hard to say.  Other than the claim of 70% less smoke and size, little information is given. From my own experience with the Solo Stove Bonfire, I think 70% seems less efficient than what I have achieved in smoke reduction with the Solo Stove.

new for 2023

When compared to last year, two things have changed. First, the black finish on the Belavi. Second, the Solo Stove now comes with a removable ash tray, a feature that may be worth the extra money.


Belavi Stainless Steel Fire Pit: $199
Last year the Solo Stove was on sale for $219 (as of 5/23/22), Currently at the time of writing this, the bonfire is $259 Click here to see the current price



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Solo Stove coupons page

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Both products measure almost identically. The Belavi measures in at 19.5″ x 14.05″ while the Solo Stove Bonfire measures at 19.5″ x 14″.


Both the SoloStove and Belavi include a carrying case.


Both products are constructed from aluminum. New for 2023, the Belavi is powder-coated with a black finish.









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